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Автоматы казино лас вегас

Особенности игрового автомата «Лас-Вегас». Лас Вегас живет своей жизнью.

О казино Лас-Вегаса и бесплатных напитках

На трех барабанах крутятся красочные завораживающие символы. Всех персонажей можно встретить в реальном казино. Хитрый крупье, который бодро подбадривает игроков, официант, готовый в любой момент принести горячительные напитки, девушки–подручные Мистера Вегаса и стриптизерши.

Последние способны принести самый солидный выигрыш. Стоит обратить внимание на интерфейс видеослота. Он имеет по-настоящему красочное и интеллектуальное оформление, которое представляет собой стол казино. Клавиши выполнены в виде изящных фишек. В пра. Обзор Казино Лас-Вегас США. Администрация онлайн-казино Las Vegas USA утверждает, что заведение ставит перед собой цель предлагать любителям азартных игр эксклюзивные развлечения и самые высокие проценты возврата во всей отрасли.

Давайте попробуем разобраться, насколько качественные услуги оказывает данное заведение.

Vegas игровой автомат онлайн — Play Las Vegas Casino Игровой автоматs

Рейтинг. Игровые автоматы в Казино Лас-Вегас США. Живые дилеры. Бонусы, акции и промокоды в Для каждого посетителя казино-онлайн Вегас Автоматы открыт доступ в системы Playcheck и Cashcheck, что позволит в любой момент самостоятельно просмотреть и отследить всю необходимую информацию по игру, в которую играете: ставки.

Выплаты, проценты и др.

Казино Vegas Grand (Вегас Гранд) ᐈ зеркало для входа

Всем своим клиентам, в любых ситуациях, администрация интернет-казино Вегас Автоматы настоятельно рекомендует соблюдать меру и не выходить за грани разумного. Вегас Автоматы – лучшие среди лучших! Вот наши достоинства и преимущества: Игровые автоматы на реальные деньги в онлайн казино Вегас Автоматы – ДОСТУПНЫ! Играть в игровые автоматы можно –. Лас-Вегас: казино. Лас-Вегас, Невада: просмотрите отзывы и фотографии казино и игровых заведений (10) на сайте Tripadvisor.

207 thoughts on “Автоматы казино лас вегас”

    1. @Dejavu Slots I always play at casinos whenever I have the chance. But I always put $20 and I always have luck too, but I dont max bet. Next time Ill try that.

    2. It’s not easily it’s just luck. I think max bet on this is 3 credits and I was playing max bet on the reels to win bigger prizes you need to play max credits

    1. I had just put in a $80 my husband went to use the restroom after dinner so I said let me give it a shot we usually don’t play reels that much.

    1. Jeanne Salvador I’m really only interested in .25 and .500 Cents slots ?

    2. then how come i never win shit on them? i dont think the wins are bigger at all… look at this shit dude won 300 bucks. i never in my life won 300$ on a 3 reel slot machine maybe im unlucky

  1. happy belated birthday! hope you win a lot for the rest of the year too!

  2. Thats a dream hit betting low winning super huge !! Had a hit like that before betting $3 I hit 5k on súper times pays single line slot machine!!

    1. Thanks David, man those hits are the best betting low htiting huge. Thanks for watching and good luck.

    1. misspuppa 他希望对自己要继续支持中共对社会建设经费来源

  3. It certainly was a nice birthday gift !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched this video a couple of times…wish I saw live play prior to your big win….

    1. Thanks Lorraine, I come back to this video sometimes too lol. We were at Bellagio having dinner and I had to use the restroom so she just gave it a shot it was maybe two minutes into the game. Thanks for watching.

  4. By gaming we lose both our time and treasure — two things most precious to the life of man.
    — Owen Felltham

  5. I know Im super late but happy Belated birthday. That was an amazing day! I really need to give hi limit a try. I mean when you put 100.00 in a machine I think your odds just might be better in high limit. Congrats again.

    1. +Trina Morris thanks a lot Trina, sometimes high Limit takes a while to get a bonus or a good line hit. I have seen some people just try there luck with just a $100 and got lucky. Thanks for watching.

    1. Thanks so much for looking out Tanya, I will go ahead and report it. Have a great weekend.

  6. My highest win on Megabucks was $900, and that was the last time I played it 😢 They took it out of TI after that….I’ve not seen one in any of the casinos I play in…nice Birthday surprise for you ❤️

  7. DAMMIT! $3 BET = $6,600 U R SO BAD AZZ YO!😃😄😀😃😃🍸🍺🍺PARTY TIME!

  8. Great hit on the mega bucks! I always try the mega bucks at aria and come up short! Glad to see they actually pay. One a $3 hit that was an incredible pay out👍 happy birthday 🎊

    1. +Katia Keshishian thank you Katia, thanks for the birthday wishes hope you hit big.

  9. Dont you just love days like that! Congrats. So glad it was a great B-day!!!!

    1. Dejavu Slots
      Tortoises? In my opinion bats brought me better luck in casinos lately.

    2. Dejavu Slots
      Some of my favorite animals are bats. What is your favorite animal?

    3. +shogaele thank you Shogaele, yes those are the best ones we had only put $80 didnt take to long to hit. Thanks for watching.

    1. Ya, my wife love megabucks. I find them boring till she hits something like this lol

  10. You know the odds are exactly the same on all the machines, right? Theyre just programmed. The house gets 10-15% of your money… in the long run, always… no game is better than any other…

    1. @Michael Ungerer I understand gaming regulations, I understand statistics but I also understand IT. I know how easy it would be for a system admin to login to the server and manipulate the payouts for specific machines or for AI to build profiles on users and adjust the odds accordingly. Can anyone prove it? Of course not… thats the beauty of it.

    2. @JS Okla Casinos legally cannot do any of the things you have mentioned in US. Slots are highly regulated and the penalties are quite steep if any casino is caught. Keep in mind, that casinos dont want to have other casinos give all casinos a bad reputation. So they understand that these regulations are mutually beneficial. Adjusting game payout based off of person, previous wins, time of day is all illegal. Keep in mind you are able to attend G2E in Las Vegas if you are interested in all the casino and slot tech. I assure you that they dont use facial recognition to track players.

    3. @Michael Ungerer adjusting the rate loss is done all the time… win a jackpot, they will follow you and adjust the rate to get some of their money back. Ever notice how slots tighten up at 10pm the loosen back up after 11pm then tighten up around 1:30 am and loosen up about 2:30am? Also because Facial recognition Software is so inexpensive now, so they know who is playing every machine and what your gambling profile is. High limit rooms have a better layout only if you use your card. Someone needs to expose the fraud of the electronic games.

    4. @mapezaid Even when games were mechanical, there is still a calculated loss rate which was derived from reel step weights. Just because they use a digital RNG now does not actually affect the loss rate.

    5. @SugaDontPlay Thats not true at all. the game with the higher pay for that symbol could have the reels weighted / configured so that the combination occurs half as often.

  11. still didnt see the so called 2200x bet you only did 3x on the last machine

    1. dod dod I won $6600 divide that by $3 it comes too 2220x my bet. Hope that helps thanks for watching.

  12. I was walking back from the soda machine one night at my casino after playing keno all night stuck a dollar in a 25 cent machine and got double bar 3x symbol and 2x symbol all on the middle line and won $150.00 off a buck …

    1. +MissAmazanda that’s a great win with just a dollar. Thanks for watching.

    1. Casino Dave yea I really liked that game I will post some reel games on Thursday from my last trip

  13. Happy New Year from Mark and Family from Vancouver BC Canada 🎉 best Luuuuck to all the Slot Players out there. 🎰💰💰💰

    1. Why exactly would I post something that’s not mine? All my jackpots posted on my channel are mine.

  14. Does anyone know whats the name of the third one i belive where he won the 2 mini jackpots ?

  15. You got lady luck on your side!  Congrats to you and to wifey.  Hope you a great birthday!

  16. AWSOME video congratulations I love it at the end happy birthday a happy birthday indeed keep up the WINNING streak

  17. Push Button player, and who cares how I get my money non-leader!

  18. Im curious. Do you guys spend everyday in a casino or you guys go once in a while? just curious though. 🙊🙊🙊😁😁

    1. Hi J, lol no we dont we go about 4 times a month. Thanks for watching 😊

  19. Congratulations..! What Hotel & Did You Have Your Players Card In The Machine??

    1. +TheTylerjoy04 Thank you, the jackpot was at Bellagio and I do believe we had our players card in. Thanks for watching.

    1. +lol fish you should always gamble what you could afford thanks for watching.

    2. Dejavu Slots $20-$40 spins, drop 2k as pure entertainment.. congrats you must have a well paying job!! No problem!

    3. I dont believe I have ever stated I always come home a winner. I only gamble for my pure entertainment with the extra money that I have. He asked a question and I answered how much I had played that day on this machines, if I had invested 7-8k then I would have told him that amount in some cases I have put that much or even more but this was not the case. Thanks for taking your time to comment have a blessed day.

    4. Julian C gamblers always downplay their loss amounts. no one wants to admit theyre a loser, but in the end no one comes out a winner from playing slots in the long run…

    1. $ 50 bet is pretty highlimit to me. The beginning of the video is 5c at 7.50 which is the max they had on that game in the M resorts highlimit room and the other is 25c denom at $50 and $20.. seems like highlimit to me, no? Thanks for watching.

  20. Beautiful bellagio fountains, Congrats on the jackpot !!👍💲💲

  21. I always try the mega for 50 bucks thats it, one of these days tho! The most I ever hit was 700. I see people playing it for long periods of time with nothing hitting. So volatile

    1. +RainsWorld Mychannel this was our first time trying it too. We had just played it not even five minutes. Good luck 😀

  22. I’m watching it now let’s get to 1 mill views. If this was perfect 8 you would of got the 1 mill views just from me alone 😁

    1. lol, Perfect 8 its more like broken 8 when I played it. I might give it another shot one day when I am in vegas. Thanks for watching and hope all is well.

  23. He only put 12 bucks in to win that jackpot on the mega bucks nice win

  24. why does he win but the credits do not go up to show new amount with the win amount added?

    1. It’s in a bonus the credit is added later. If you tell me which part of the video you are referring too I can tell you exactly

  25. Feels good , doesnt it.💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  26. what is the name of the game with the golden bear, and green chips bonus?

    1. Mrs Florida Scratcher Its a jackpot streams. there are a few of them in the casinos attached to certain slot machines.

    2. +Mrs Florida Scratcher Im not too sure I played it at the M casino not too familiar with those games.

  27. Happy Birthday. Awesome hit. Take some home…😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

    1. +Carol St Martin thank you Carol for the birthday wishes, yes that is the plan to take some home I hope lol.

    1. Thank you ! Check them out, I enjoy there rooms. Not so much there casino except for this jackpot lol

    1. +Kathie Greene thank you Kathie, thanks for watching. Have a great weekend.

  28. The key is (if possible) to cash out before you have to pay taxes on your winnings.

  29. Beautiful Reel hand pay. Wow, what a nice JP for a first 3 Reel winner.

    1. Dejavu Slots oh I was talking about from both casinos. I was trying to total it all up in my head lol. either way you obviously had a good night

    2. Chunk we had just got to Bellagio we were having dinner and were actually leaving to go to cosmo so we walked away with the $6600 from that casino. Thanks for watching.

  30. Shit with only 32 dollars credit left when she hit it Id be shitting bricks

  31. high limit ? ? five cents is high limit ha ha even at 7.50 a roll no where near big money

    1. This is high limit room @ the M Casino, they dont really have any games that are $1 denomination, if you saw the video I was playing max bet on Coyote Moon at $50 a pull. If you check my other videos you would see what I play but thanks for watching.

  32. CONGRATS on the Megabucks!!!! Its AWESOME for your million views on this video!!!! Congrats…a million more coming! Or should it be $$$$????🤑🤑🤑

  33. This would of been a great video if there wasnt a shitty ad every 2minutes

  34. Tien ma chaîne YouTube teddy.pautet partage au max et surtout abonne toi

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